Better software development originates from the right processes and tools, repeatable infrastructure, trackability, and from the right set of skills.

Want to be the hero of DevOps?

Whether you are an IT buying or building company, we help you skyrocketing your development and operations processes and related automation. We guide you in building the infrastructure where changes are trackable, and configurations are repeatable from one environment to another. We support your organization in creating the right kind of job roles and skillsets.

Pekka Malmirae, Partner & CEO @NordHero
We understand the pain that comes with venturing into the unknown. We get the stress and anxiety of wanting to take your business to the next level. To keep up with competition and technological advancements and frankly, the ever-evolving world. We make you the hero.
- Pekka Malmirae, Partner & CEO @NordHero

Development processes and tools

Only the best suits a hero. We help setting up CI/CD pipelines and building guardrails needed in automated and secure cloud operations.


Build up a world-class IT stack in just a few minutes. Automate and dominate the changes across various environments like a hero.

Setting the organization to shine

Be the hero. The new world requires new rules. We help you set roles and responsibilities that possess the future of business.

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