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With over 20 years of experience in software development, architecture and business digitalization we know how to make you the hero. Get to know us, our team and reach out.

The cloud. Do you know how to operate and control it? Do you know how to take full advantage of it? We understand the pain that comes with venturing into the unknown. We get the stress and anxiety of wanting to take your business to next level in order to keep up with competition, technological advancements and frankly, the ever evolving world. Don’t worry. We get it, and that is why we are here.

We help you set up the systems, processes, and operational environments that are required for effective, durable and profitable cloud operations. We execute cost-effective and scalable solutions that help your business build competitive edge. We show you how to organize and create teams that have the talent to take your business to the next level.

We are not here to show you how skilled or accomplished we are. We don’t need the credit. We want to solve your challenges and make you take the lead in your own operations. We are here to take you to the cloud and beyond. We are here to make you the hero.

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Pekka Malmirae logo

Pekka Malmirae


Full-stack leader with experience from day-to-day enterprise software development to corporate board meetings. Strong skills on leading both technological and cultural change to cloud-first and lean/agile.

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Expertise in:

Organizing as a software company, DevOps processes and roles, planning and leading the cloud transformation, business digitalization, building customer loaylty, from business requirements to development roadmap and into the practice.


AWS Solutions Architect Professional AWS Solutions Architect Associate AWS Cloud Practitioner
Janne Kuha logo

Janne Kuha


Passionate about building software solutions and helping customers get to that Aha! moment where everything clicks. Always hands-on with projects, interested in the latest technologies and ways of building solutions better.

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Expertise in:

Cloud-native capabilities and building elasticity, large scale architectures, customer-first thinking service design, agile development, project management, efficient and automated DevOps processes.


AWS Solutions Architect Professional AWS DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Solutions Architect Associate AWS Developer Associate AWS SysOps Administrator Associate
Teemu Niiranen logo

Teemu Niiranen

Cloud Solutions Architect, AWS Ambassador

Cloud solutions architect and AWS Database Modernization Ambassador with wide knowledge on various business domains from retail and electronic commerce to industry. Keen on agile software development methodologies. Vast experience on agile projects in different roles from project management to software development. A strong team player that believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Expertise in:

Modern serverless cloud computing architectures and Internet of Things. Global, auto scaling, self-healing, highly available and cost-effective cloud solutions. Six times certified and specialized in AWS solutions architecture, DevOps and security.


AWS Database Modernization Ambassador AWS Solutions Architect Professional AWS DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Data Analytics Specialty AWS Advanced Networking Specialty AWS Security Specialty AWS Machine Learning Specialty AWS Database Specialty AWS Solutions Architect Associate AWS Developer Associate AWS SysOps Administrator Associate AWS Data Engineer Associate AWS Cloud Practitioner
Niklas Granqvist logo

Niklas Granqvist

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineer with practical experience on several programming languages, cloud computing concepts and the AWS services.

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Expertise in:

Avid learner of new cloud development skills. Hands-on experience on building serverless business applications with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB and S3, and BI data processing and transformation solutions utilizing AWS Glue, Athena and related technologies. Practical IaC and DevOps experience with AWS Cloudformation, CDK, Terraform and Pulumi.


AWS Solutions Architect Associate AWS Developer Associate AWS SysOps Administrator Associate AWS Cloud Practitioner
Ville Kärkkäinen logo

Ville Kärkkäinen

Cloud Solutions Architect

Hands on Cloud Solutions Architect with proven skills on architecting and crafting modern software solutions. Experience on working in various technical and management roles in telecommunication, e-commerce and industry domains. Serverless and Python enthusiast. A software professional that both customer and team members can fully trust.

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Expertise in:

Serverless and traditional cloud architectures, modern enterprise application development with Python, API development and management, data platforms, NoSQL and SQL from data modelling to migrations, observability and performance analysis/optimisation.


AWS Solutions Architect Professional AWS DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Data Analytics Specialty AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Arttu Pekkarinen logo

Arttu Pekkarinen

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud solutions architect with vast knowledge on several business domains from EV charging to industrial IoT and telecommunications. Proficient on building cloud native and cloud agnostic enterprise solutions. Loads of experience with agile methodologies and test driven development. A devoted team player that is always willing to give a helping hand for team’s success.

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Expertise in:

Modern serverless and docker based cloud computing architectures. AWS IoT and related messaging protocols, different SQL and no-SQL databases. DevOps tools and processes. React, Fastapi and Serverless frameworks. Python, Java, Javascript and bunch of other programming languages.


AWS Solutions Architect Professional AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Juho Tykkälä logo

Juho Tykkälä

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud solutions architect with nearly 20 years of experience with software development and architectures on several business areas, including energy management, manufacturing and HR. Seasoned professional on IoT architectures, global smart grid solutions and RFID technology. A true hero maker and a hero himself, always willing to help others and never afraid of taking a stand to tackle the challenges.

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Expertise in:

AWS and OpenStack architectures, SCS and API-driven microservices, DDD, SOA and RESTful design patterns, lean culture practices like Scrum and SAFe, programming languages like Scala, Java, NodeJS and Python, embedded programming with C, C++ and Go, software frameworks and toolkits like Spring, Django and Akka, Data warehousing & deployment automation.


AWS Cloud Practitioner
Vesa Kaihlavirta logo

Vesa Kaihlavirta

Cloud Solutions Architect

Hands-on cloud architect with 20 years designing and building software solutions on a global scale. Experienced software developer with expertise in developing organizations' DevOps and database administration processes. Enjoys working with people and solving real-life problems with customers.

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Expertise in:

Designing and building cloud native systems with IaC technologies like CDK, Terraform and CloudFormation. Wide skills in Unix-like systems. Several years development experience with Python, Rust and Typescript, with knowledge of a dozen more programming languages and software paradigms.


AWS Solutions Architect Associate AWS Cloud Practitioner
Aleksei Panin logo

Aleksei Panin

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud solutions architect passionate about new rising technologies, serverless and event-driven architectures. Several years’ experience designing, deploying, and running production workloads on AWS in highly available and scalable manner. Wide knowledge of several business domains, from e-learning to industrial IoT and EV charging. Troubleshooter with test-driven development mindset who is taking security in the cloud very seriously.

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Expertise in:

Serverless cloud architectures on AWS, agile software development methodologies, dockerized microservices and their orchestration, autoscaling and load balancing, effective monitoring and observation, DNS, SysOps Linux administration, and knowledge of a variety of DevOps processes and tools. Hands on experience with Python, API development, building of Alexa AI voice assistant skills, utilization of several NoSQL and SQL databases. Deep theoretical knowledge of information systems, end-user IT-related behaviour and how it relates to technology adoption.


AWS Alexa Skill Builder Specialty AWS Solutions Architect Associate AWS Cloud Practitioner
Harri Eränen logo

Harri Eränen

Cloud Solutions Architect

Experienced software development professional with a demonstrated history of working in a wide range of roles in software projects. Skilled in multiple programming languages (e.g. C, Python, Javascript, Java) and software technologies (Cryptography, Cloud computing, Micro services, Continuous integration). Master’s degree in Computer Science from Jyväskylä university.

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Expertise in:

Amazon AWS, Cloudformation, CI/CD pipelines, Serverless, Cloud native software development, Fargate, Elastic Beanstalk. Docker, Kubernetes, Configuration management, Bash, Linux systems programming. Security in software development, cryptography. Software architectures, integrations, microservices, RESTful APIs. Development with C, Python, Java, NodeJS, Php.


AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Arto Mäkitalo logo

Arto Mäkitalo

Cloud Solutions Architect

Very experienced multi-cloud infrastructure and solutions architect with a background in networking and security. Certified for Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, with lots of experience in AWS. Professional with Infrastructure-as-Code tools like Terraform. Experience in building DevOps practices and Cloud Center-of-Excellence teams.

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Expertise in:

Planning and building cloud architectures with all major public cloud providers. Cloud migrations, cloud-based development, release, and observation practices. Data communications in, to, and between clouds. Kubernetes and running Kubernetes in cloud platforms: GKE, AKS, EKS. Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform. Security and networking expert with over 20 years of experience.


Google Professional Cloud Architect Google Professional DevOps Engineer Google Professional Security Engineer CKA Kubernetes Administrator CKAD Kubernetes Application Developer CKS Kubernetes Security Specialist Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate DASA DevOps Fundamentals

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