What’s up with your app?

Are you running your workload on AWS? Is it as good as it can be? How do you know?

How do you know if you’ve got your AWS architecture right?

The AWS Well-architected Review Framework has been developed overtime in close cooperation with AWS and its customers to help you assess how well your workloads hold up against current AWS best practices. NordHero is an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner, and we are here to carry the review through with your team.

If you haven’t come across it before, the review framework explores an exhaustive list of questions that span six interlinked architectural pillars.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Pillars

Operational Excellence

How well does your solution manage daily operations?


Is your data is safe and protected?


Is your solution faults tolerant and able to respond quickly to failure?

Performance Efficiency

Is it optimized for your workload requirements?

Cost Optimization

Are you overspending?


How well do you know your environmental impacts?

You can review your workloads yourself. Or you can call NordHero.

Why call NordHero?

Working with us will save you time by cutting through the questions and getting straight to your core issues.

Our long history and experience in the AWS cloud make us the ideal team to help assess your workload. Our NordHero team has been performing these kind of workload reviews for some time and AWS has accredited NordHero with official AWS Well-Architected Partner status.

What do we offer?

Working with the AWS framework, we will help you prioritise a list of potential issues in your workload and give you step-by-step guidance for fixing them, now and in the future.

In addition to the six Well-Architected Pillars, we can add specific lences to the review, extending the questions and guidance offered by AWS Well-Architected to specific industry and technology domains.

Teemu Niiranen, AWS Well-Architected Lead, NordHero
The well-architected review is a holistic framework that you use over time. That means whenever you have major business milestones or changes to your system, you can reassess them through the lens of your well-architected review.
- Teemu Niiranen, AWS Well-Architected Lead, NordHero

NordHero is an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Work with us to assess your workloads against current AWS best practice.

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