AWS observability with Datadog

Proactively uncover and troubleshoot incidents before users are impacted. NordHero & Datadog bring complete visibility to your AWS cloud.

Datadog’s pre-eminent observability capabilities combined with NordHero’s AWS expertise saves you money.

Time is money, as they say. Better observability with proactive alert automation decreases the time to detect and resolve emerging issues, in many cases even before your users see any impact on the service. NordHero is an official Datadog Partner - we have integrated various AWS services into Datadog dashboards and helped our customers troubleshoot faster. Taking Datadog into use we enable developers to concentrate more on building new features instead of spending time investigating problems.

Realize the benefits from Datadog with these simple steps

Integrate your AWS solution with Datadog

NordHero has experience integrating telemetrics from various AWS services to Datadog.

Configure Datadog dashboards for your need

We help you combine the Datadog widgets you need daily into powerful dashboards representing your infrastructure health.

Automate critical change detection and alerting

Let Datadog notify you on emerging situations with your infrastructure straight to your preferred tool, such as Slack.

You can learn about Datadog by your self. Or you call NordHero to set everything up for you.

Why call NordHero?

Working with us will save you time by bringing the Datadog & AWS expertise.

Our long history and experience in obeserving the AWS cloud make us the ideal team to help gain visibility to your AWS infrastructure. We are an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner, and our customer satisfaction is outstanding.

What do we offer?

Team with senior-level expertise, on average over 17 years of experience per team member in software development and architectures.

We are a highly certified team with, on average, more than 3 AWS certificates per team member. We have more Professional and specialty certificates than team members.

NordHero is an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Work with us to ensure your workloads are build according the AWS best practices.

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+358 40 538 4249