Cloud architecture

The most significant benefits belong to the ones who build architecture like a hero. We help you find the perfect way to benefit from the cloud, unleash you from your traditional IT stack, and support your development team in building the smart solutions in cloud.

No nonsense. Pure competence.

The sharpest decisions lead to the most excellent benefits when it comes to cloud architecture. We are here to help you set up the systems, processes, and operational environments required for effective, durable, and profitable cloud operations. We execute cost-effective and scalable solutions that help your business build a competitive edge. We are certified on non-nonsense.

Janne Kuha, Partner & CTO @NordHero
We are not here to tell the world how great or accomplished we are. We don’t need the credit. We are here to make our customers the heroes of cloud-, serverless- and DevOps -principles, systems, and architectures. We want to build a competitive edge for others because we know how.
- Janne Kuha, Partner & CTO @NordHero

AWS & GCP & Azure

We help you find the best way to cloud. We show how to build a functional hybrid architecture between the cloud and your on-premise data center. We point out, if needed, to consider a multi-cloud approach to greatness. We make you shine with your cloud strategy and help take the required steps and become the hero.

Application modernization

When planning a cloud transformation, you need to consider aspects like architectural excellence, long term cost efficiency, and uninterrupted production during the shift. We are here to make you the hero and guide you safely over the troubled water.


Our days are full of choices to make. With cloud services, even the most critical decisions are commonly taken by application developers. We help you become the hero by providing you an experienced cloud architect to ensure the most reliable and durable choices for your success.

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