Hero maker by day, hero by night

Who is the man who can lead your cloud architecture development by day, and even rescue you from a fire on the same evening?

Hero maker by day, hero by night

Juho Tykkälä, the newest member of the NordHero team, is driven to help others, as can be seen by his work history and hobbies. Even in fast-paced and dangerous situations, Juho maintains a positive attitude and a cool head.

Devoted to help others

During the day, Juho Tykkälä works as a Cloud Solutions Architect consulting companies. The act of assisting others doesn’t end there. Several years ago, Juho became a volunteer firefighter.

Devoting his free time to the contract fire department requires hard work, extensive training and community dedication. Danger and speed are also present in his other hobby, enduro off-road motorcycling.

“I enjoy trying out new things and I’m willing to say “yes” to invitations to try out new sports.”

Technical background combined with a social personality

Having 16 years of experience working in IT, Juho enjoys consulting and is confident in what he does.

“I first started working in IT as a pure application developer. After that I worked in a consulting role in the public sector, which required a patient mindset and adaptability. After six years there, I moved on to work as a Solutions Architect in the energy management field for another six years.”

As Cloud Solution Architect, Juho consults companies that are in the threshold of the cloud transition or further along.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with clients and assisting them at the start of new projects. First, it’s critical to define the problem field: What has been done to solve problems, what is the level of awareness of the situation and how problems have been addressed. Then it has often been my responsibility to bring in my and our organization’s expertise and to figure out a solution that best serves the client.”

The art of turning obstacles into opportunities

Juho describes his work as solving problems – which in fact working in IT is quite often all about.

“The word ‘problem’ has a negative connotation and it would be easy to think negatively. The ability to see things as opportunities rather than roadblocks, in my opinion, is an advantage.”

Besides working with clients, Juho enjoys working with colleagues with different backgrounds. He appreciates that there is always collegial support available when needed and like-minded people to have conversations with.

“I’m curious about how people see the future and how they believe information systems should be developed.”

Enabling new kind of possibilities

When Juho heard that there was a position open in NordHero, it sounded like something he had been searching for for quite some time.

“I was looking for the next step in my career and was drawn to NordHero by the company’s story, mission, and focus on cloud services. Despite the fact that I’ve only been here a few weeks, I can already say that my expectations have been met.”

Juho believes that having a meaningful job is essential. Helping others is what makes Juho feel like he is making a difference in the lives of others.

“Cloud technologies pique my interest, and I wish I had had the chance to work more with them sooner. What is so great about them is that, unlike in the past, they provide great opportunities for even smaller companies to have a global high-performance IT environment without large investments.”


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