Hero maker with a purpose

Who is the man on a mission to paint the landscape for the bravest CTOs with colours of cloud architecture?

Hero maker with a purpose

He explores the way colors and forms, light and shade work together rhythmically. His brush slides gently over the canvas capturing even the most minor details of a misty forest landscape.

Arttu Pekkarinen may seem like the average joe next door. Little do people know that he is not only a painter but a hero maker. He is a man on a mission to make the smartest, and bravest CTO’s the heroes of cloud, DevOps, and serverless solutions. This is an introduction of a hero maker on a quest for cloud excellence, this is an introduction of Arttu Pekkarinen.

From landscape painting to cloud architecture

Arttu describes himself as an active bloke who enjoys sports as a way of life. Working out at the gym and playing badminton are among his favorites. Arttu is also a passionate landscape painter who immerses himself in his art the same way he gets carried away with his work.

“There are many similarities between art and cloud architecture. Creativity and inspiration are part of art, whereas patience and hard work. Being a cloud architecture isn’t much different. Sometimes it’s simply doing things, and sometimes complex problems require creative thinking. This applies to technical system design but also social aspects in work. Thinking outside the box helps me come up with the best possible solution.”

Intelligent e-learning and electric car charging

Arttu started his career in a small company coding a digital tendering system for the public sector. He then moved on to a startup and began developing an intelligent e-learning system for elementary and junior high school students.

“This has been an important time in my career as I learned to understand how web applications are done from scratch, both from backend and frontend perspectives, and I also learned how to run the solutions in the cloud. Furthermore, during the early years I also learned some important lessons on leading projects and teams.”

Arttu’s professional path took an interesting turn in 2018 when he was recruited to a software development company that later became a part of a larger enterprise. “Previously, I have worked in different types of projects and with different customers, which has taught me a great deal. Earlier, I had mainly made web applications run on “traditional” web servers. During the past four years I have focused more on modern cloud technologies, serverless, and more specifically IoT and industrial internet.”

“I’m extremely grateful for my latest project on building a management system and cloud infrastructure for electric car charging. It’s fascinating to learn how multi-dimensional technology is actually needed in the background and see how I can apply my knowledge in application development and modern cloud technologies in this business domain.”

High-class solutions that serve a purpose

Arttu is motivated by a versatile role where he can use his expertise and problem-solving skills. “I enjoy building high-class solutions that have a purpose. There’s nothing better than succeeding in projects and exceeding expectations. I can jump into an ongoing project at any stage, but I prefer getting involved right from the start”.

The best way to learn new things for Arttu is through work. “I also like to keep on track of new trends and phenomena in my field. Sharing ideas and experiences and discussing with teammates is an excellent way to deepen my expertise.”

Why choose NordHero?

Arttu was impressed by NordHero’s strong team and passionate heromakers. “I believe that our team is much greater than the sum of its parts. Together we can achieve amazing results and help our customers in becoming heroes of cloud.”

“The guys here at NordHero are really easygoing yet highly motivated. When the right kind of people works together with an exceptional attitude, nothing is standing in our way.”


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