Senior DevOps Engineer

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Senior DevOps Engineer

Do you have an understanding of DevOps principles? Do you have experience of more than one cloud native solution? Are you familiar with serverless and containerized solutions?

Fantastic! Keep on going, we have a job for you!

What we do at NordHero?

We aim to make NordHero the number one company to build useful, maintainable, and profitable Serverless solutions and DevOps automation in the cloud. We use cutting edge tools and technologies to develop both the solutions and the environment’s running them for our clients. In practice, we write infrastructure-as-code (e.g., Terraform, CDK, etc.), automation for DevOps, and serverless implementations as part of the customer’s development team.

Our aim is not to sell outsourced it-systems or push maintenance deals. We solve challenges, work on problems, and show the ropes to our customers so that they can take the lead in their operations.

Looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer

Preferably the person we are looking for has

  • Understanding of DevOps- principles
  • A profound knowledge building cloud services and architecture
  • Build infrastructure-as-code (IaC) pipelines
  • Has knowledge of more than one cloud native solution
  • Knowledge about serverless and containerized solutions

In return for your skills and talent, we offer you:

  • Our vision, best-practises, knowledge, and experience to lean and build on.
  • The opportunity to be part of an ever-learning, the ever-developing team
  • Time to develop your own skills and the opportunity to participate in conferences (as soon as the pandemic is over!)
  • Exciting projects that don’t last for centuries
  • Support and guidance from colleagues that are passionate about technology but who don’t take themselves too seriously

In addition to the above, joining NordHero now gives you the opportunity to develop and build a company culture where IT-professionals thrive.

Our office is located in Jyväskylä but we mainly work remotely from all over Finland.

Now it’s your turn, go ahead and apply!

Apply for the job by filling out our form below. In case you want to chat and hear more about us you can also call Pekka Malmirae, 040-538 4249.


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