You can call me NerdHero

It's Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do, That Defines Me

You can call me NerdHero

April fools' day posting

This “press release” was published on April fools' day 2021. If the story makes you smile, maybe it would be a good idea to check out our current job openings:

As of April 1st 2021, the cloud, serverless and DevOps start-up company NordHero has changed its name and company brand. The new company name “NerdHero” pays tribute to all technology enthusiasts and represents the core culture and values of the company.

The founders Janne Kuha and Pekka Malmirae say that they had received numerous letters, emails and faxes from anonymous nerds around the world demanding for a name change.

Most of the demands came from nerds who could not get over the fact that “o” and “e” are on the exact opposite of each other on the qwerty keyboard. Some letters insisted that since the words ‘Nerd’ and ‘Nord’ are so close, that it would be a waste of genius thinking not to change the name.

And there was more to come…

We also received deeply touching faxes from anxious nerds who could not rest because they have been thinking about NerdHero memes ever since NordHero was founded in 2019. They threatened that they would fill our inboxes and LinkedIn page with idiotic NerdHero memes until we would “come to our senses and change the name".

The founders Janne Kuha and Pekka Malmirae believe that the new name and brand will result in a more relaxed company culture.

NerdHero is a place where people with strong and perhaps even obsessive need for constant fine-tuning of bluetooth gadgets, DeepRacer-cars, automated smart home lighting and heating systems etc. will feel like heroes.


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