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The summer of 2023 brought over 600 new service and feature announcements from AWS across topics like data & analytics, serverless architecture, app development, AWS management, DevOps, infrastructure as code (IaC), and security. Highlights include QuickSight’s new geospatial heatmaps, AWS Glue integrations like AWS Glue Data Quality and AWS Glue for Ray, and Athena querying restored Glacier data. Serverless saw Lambda performance upgrades, Step Functions service integrations, and Fargate using Seekable OCI for faster startups. On the DevOps side, AWS Control Tower added Security Hub integration and drift detection, CloudFormation launched looping capabilities, and CodePipeline now supports GitLab. Finally, key security launches include WAF’s new header order validation, KMS import for keys, ECR image signing, and the new AWS Payment Cryptography service. The breadth of announcements shows AWS’s commitment to rapidly evolving their services.

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