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The blog post announces that Teemu Niiranen has been recognized by AWS as a Database Modernization Ambassador. As an influencial AWS professional, he has extensive expertise to help organizations modernize their workloads and databases to be cloud-native. He has many relevant AWS certifications including Solutions Architect Pro, DevOps Engineer Pro, Database Specialty, Data Analytics Specialty, and Advanced Networking Specialty. He also has proficiency with AWS Well Architected and AWS Immersion Days. With his firsthand experience with different databases, use cases, and migration projects, he is well-equipped to advise on database modernization initiatives. When summarizing a typical database modernization project, Teemu emphasizes considering tradeoffs between cost, reliability and performance to select the optimal approach. He highlights how lifting and shifting to the cloud or using AWS-managed purpose-built databases can unlock potential. The post concludes by noting this Ambassador designation deepens the AWS partnership for NordHero, building on existing AWS Well-Architected and Immersion Days designations. It congratulates Teemu for being an AWS cloud trailblazer.

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