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This article continues a series on Amazon Verified Permissions and focuses on integration with Amazon Cognito for user authentication and authorization. It explains what Amazon Cognito is - an identity and access management service that handles user signup, signin, and access control. A key component is the user pool, which is an identity provider and user directory. After authentication, Cognito issues identity and access tokens containing user claims. These tokens can be passed to Verified Permissions for authorization checks. The article shows examples of identity and access token contents. Additional user attributes and claims can be added using a pre-token generation Lambda trigger. To use Cognito claims for authorization, they need to be mapped to attributes and contexts in the Verified Permissions schema. Examples are provided for referencing identity token claims and access token scopes in Cedar policies. The article concludes by demonstrating an authorization check with the Verified Permissions IsAuthorizedWithToken API after configuring Cognito as an identity source.

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