Celebrating Teemu Niiranen, Our AWS Database Modernization Ambassador!

AWS has recognized Teemu's commitment to helping customers migrate and modernize their databases with AWS.

Celebrating Teemu Niiranen, Our AWS Database Modernization Ambassador!

AWS Ambassadors are recognized as influential AWS professionals in driving their organization’s AWS proficiency and supporting the community through thought leadership.

The AWS Ambassador Program builds a community of highly qualified and influential employees at AWS Partners. We are thrilled to announce that AWS has recognized Teemu Niiranen with the AWS Database Modernization Ambassador designation.

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Modernization practices powered by proven expertise

Teemu has everything it takes to succeed with workload and database modernization towards cloud-native:

  • Relevant AWS certificates such as AWS Solutions Architect Pro, DevOps Engineer Pro, Database Specialty, Data & Analytics Specialty, Security Specialty and Advanced Networking Specialty
  • AWS Well-Architected and AWS Immersion Days proficiency
  • Loads of first-hand experience with different kinds of databases, use cases, and migration projects

But how does the new AWS Ambassador himself sum up a typical database modernization assignment? What kind of factors drive the clients' database modernization work?

– I love the AWS database offering because it has purpose-built options for different use cases. I quote the CTO and VP of Amazon.com, Dr. Werner Vogels: “Seldom can one database fit the needs of multiple distinct use cases.” And this need could be different. It can be the cost, so migration from commercial, licensed database to open-source based database. Or it could be, for example, the performance or flexibility to suit a more analytical approach, Teemu summarizes.

If you highlight the three most important points to consider when starting a database migration journey, what would those be?

– Well, every migration is, of course, unique, but from what I’ve observed, there still are some key factors to pay attention to:

  1. Like the Well-Architected Framework highlights, the architecting is a series of trade-offs you must consider. You need the right tool for the job so that you can get the balance between cost, reliability, and performance. Trade-offs enable you to select an optimal approach.
  2. Even lifting & shifting your existing database to the cloud could unlock the potential and the comprehensive tool set available. With AWS-managed databases, you can eliminate time-consuming tasks like server provisioning, patching, and backups.
  3. Purpose-built databases are enablers for new architectures that can get your business to a new level regarding scale and performance. This option is more complex, but the reward could be the biggest.

NordHero continues to invest in AWS partnership

The AWS Ambassador designation is one remarkable step on NordHero’s path to deepen our AWS cooperation. In 2023, we received the AWS Well-Architected and AWS Immersion Days Partner designations and carried out numerous AWS Well-Architected Reviews to different AWS clients. And more to come this year, so stay tuned for more updates!

Cheers to Teemu Niiranen – our AWS Database Modernization Ambassador and a true trailblazer in the world of AWS cloud!


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