IoT Fleet Management Jump Start

NordHero helps you design and build an IoT platform on AWS to provision, manage, and control a fleet of millions of devices.

Fast-forward to successful IoT Fleet Management

A successful IoT solution lets you quickly connect, manage, and scale your device fleets without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. It lets you communicate with your preferred protocol and copes with intermittent connection. Moreover, it unleashes the power of AWS’s Data & AI services to act on your IoT data, making your device shine smart against the rivals. NordHero utilized AWS IoT Core service with device communications based on MQTT and WSS.

Three steps for unleashing the power of IoT with NordHero

Define the requirements

Gather the requirements, document use cases, draft end-to-end architecture, and agree on communication practices between devices and cloud.

Build a prototype

We set up the needed infrastructure on AWS, launch a small device fleet, and implement a selected use case from end to end.

Scale to production

Scale out the production-ready IoT solution step by step and configure device shadowing to handle device status with intermittent communication.

You can start learning about the IoT technologies by your self. Or you can fast-forward and call NordHero.

Why call NordHero?

Working with us will save you time by bringing the cloud expertise and IoT solution experience.

Our long history and experience in the AWS cloud make us the ideal team to help setting up your device fleet. We are an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner, and our customer satisfaction is outstanding.

What do we offer?

Team with senior-level expertise, on average over 17 years of experience per team member in software development and architectures.

We are a highly certified team with, on average, more than 3 AWS certificates per team member. We have more Professional and specialty certificates than team members.

NordHero is an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Work with us to ensure your workloads are build according the AWS best practices.

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