Efficient Big Data Processing

Process millions of data lines with AWS's massively scalable serverless data services and NordHero's expertise.

Efficient Big Data Processing starts with the proper tooling and the right partner

Efficient Big Data Processing requires vast expertise in managing and transforming large masses of data with high-performance hardware and efficient algorithms. NordHero has the needed experience and know-how to combine, transform, and summarize millions of lines of incoming raw data into structured and searchable data sets in a data lake. We utilize serverless solutions like AWS Glue, Amazon S3, Amazon Athena, and AWS Batch to do the heavy-lifting work with the ability to scale processing massively if needed.

NordHero's Big Data Processing Blueprint

1. Capture the requirements

Understand data sources and data processing details, and select a use case to develop first.

2. Build a proof of concept

We build the selected data pipeline to showcase solution capabilities from data sources to data lake.

3. Evolve to production-scale data platform

We take the learnings from PoC and continue building production-scale data pipelines and help you operate it.

You can build your data pipelines yourself. Or you can call NordHero.

Why call NordHero?

Working with us will save you time by bringing the cloud expertise and data processing experience to the table.

Our long history and experience in the AWS cloud make us the ideal team to help with your data needs. We are accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner, and our customer satisfaction is outstanding.

What do we offer?

Team with senior-level expertise, on average over 17 years of experience per team member in software development and architectures.

Highly certified team, on average more than 3 AWS certificates per team member. We have more Professional and specialty certificates than team members.

NordHero is an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Work with us to ensure your workloads are build according the AWS best practices.

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