Application Modernization to Cloud-native

Say goodbye to on-premise and hello to cloud services! NordHero is here to help you adopt the best practices of the cloud.

How do you migrate safely from on-premise to cloud and become cloud-native?

Leverage NordHero’s world-class cloud architects to modernize your application to align with cloud-native and AWS Well-Architected principles. NordHero helps you plan and execute modernization tasks from on-premise to cloud and from traditional to cloud-native architectures.

NordHero's Application Modernization practices include

Hybrid and multi-cloud strategy and architecture

Capabilities, data management, integrations, scaling, redundancy, etc.

Modernizing legacy IT systems for the cloud

Migration strategies, migration planning, migration-time and post-migration modernization of the architecture

Cloud native capabilities

Serverless, Machine Learning, GenAI, Data Engineering, Stream Processing, IoT. You name it, we deploy it.

You can modernize your workloads yourself. Or you can call NordHero.

Why call NordHero?

Working with us will save you time by bringing the cloud expertise and software architecture experience.

Our long history and experience in the AWS cloud make us the ideal team to help modernize your workload. We are an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner, and our customer satisfaction is outstanding.

What do we offer?

Team with senior-level expertise, on average over 17 years of experience per team member in software development and architectures.

We are a highly certified team with, on average, more than 3 AWS certificates per team member. We have more Professional and specialty certificates than team members.

NordHero is an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Work with us to ensure your workloads are build according the AWS best practices.

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