Building a realtime infrastructure for transferring EEG data to a neuro-intelligence platform

IDUN Technologies

NordHero developed a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure to transmit realtime EEG data to IDUN Technologies' neuro-intelligence platform.

The Hero

IDUN Technologies is a Swiss-based neurotechnology company pioneering a new era of digital connectivity by combining brain data with in-ear EEG-enabled earbuds and cloud infrastructure.

The IDUN Guardian, the company’s hardware enabled SaaS platform, is built on easy-to-use earbuds that deliver accurate in-ear EEG data, bringing neuroscience from the lab to the real world. IDUN Guardian Neurointelligence Platform processes the data from the earbuds, providing clean, preprocessed data and enabling a complete neurofeedback loop with user intervention.

The Challenge

IDUN Technologies is historically known as a hardware and sensor company focusing on materials science. Realizing that sensors alone were not enough to provide data to customers, the company expanded into a full-stack company by incorporating neuroscience and critical software components into its services.

The company hired software engineers to build a neurointelligence platform to give customers real-time, easy-to-understand access to brain data. Despite having a top-notch engineering team, IDUN Technologies determined they could benefit from cloud expertise and know-how to aid them with building the solution using Amazon Web Services. To make a scalable, cutting-edge technology stack in the cloud, the company started looking for an external partner to help develop its full-stack product’s cloud components.

“IDUN Technologies has produced an excellent and cutting-edge product. To build a solution with a global footprint and to scale it rapidly based on customer demand, they needed a cloud infrastructure that is high-performing, affordable, data-secure, and scalable,” explains Pekka Malmirae, CEO of NordHero.

The Work

In the project’s initial bootstrapping stage, IDUN Technology wanted to create a cloud architecture using a cutting-edge tech stack. NordHero developed a cloud infrastructure for transferring EEG data which the IDUN Guardian platform then analyzes.

The entire infrastructure was created using the infrastructure-as-code approach, making it possible to create identical cloud environments anywhere in the world. Currently, there are separate testing, production and demo environments running. In addition, each IDUN solution developer has a sandbox version of the environment for building and testing the next platform version.

As one of NordHero’s primary areas of expertise is DevOps, NordHero integrated build pipeline automation into the infrastructure so that changes in the code are quickly visible in the cloud environments.

The Bluetooth-enabled earbud sensor system now works with a mobile application that continuously transmits EEG data to a cloud service developed by NordHero. The pipeline receives dozens of data packets per second, and the EEG data is analyzed in real-time by a cloud-based analysis service.

NordHero is now working on a next project to add features to the platform.

The Outcome

Providing expertise in the cloud implementation

NordHero jumped into the project after the initial contact, bringing the necessary skills and expertise to build and operating cloud platforms. NordHero also provided advice to help with decision-making on suitable technologies and tools for Amazon Web Services.

Despite working in different countries and cultures, collaboration was seamless, and open communication was essential for fruitful cooperation.

Streaming data from in-ear EEG to the cloud

IDUN Technologies has been able to focus on its core business, building revolutionary in-ear EEG monitoring technology while speeding up making the Guardian platform in the cloud with the help of NordHero. NordHero worked with IDUN Technologies to build the whole cloud infrastructure stack and a streaming data processing and analysis pipeline providing near real-time feedback.

NordHero helped make proper choices on cloud technologies and how to take these technologies into use quickly, including best practices for operating development, testing, and production environments efficiently.

What was said?

I would absolutely recommend NordHero as a partner as they were recommended to us – that’s always a good way to get in touch with new partners. NordHero has a lot of skills and seniority in their team and our collaboration has been fruitful. Their implementation was exemplary and outstanding in terms of seniority. They have also provided us with strategic advice, which we want to pursue further with them. Our team's feedback has been solely positive: The developers are super happy working together with NordHero. Communication with them has been excellent. NordHero also has an overall fair package in terms of pricing. I can only recommend them.

- Dr. Moritz Thielen, CTO of IDUN Technologies

- Dr. Moritz Thielen, CTO of IDUN Technologies

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